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Free T-shirt 2020

Great free 2020 HOLYWELL BAY SCHOOL OF SURF t-shirt with every first lesson – classy Old Skool style for 2020 with beach hut and infamous Gull rocks.

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Holywell Bay isnt just a beautiful National Trust ┬ábeach to learn to surf on, ┬átheirs also other things to get upto…..

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Prevent Surfer’s Ear With ZenPlugs Molded Surfing Ear Plugs

If your serious about surfing and especially during the winter months you might want to consider thinking about your ears!!!!!!!!!! These are a great new self molding ear plug at a very reasonable price What Makes Some Surfers 17 Times More Likely To Go Deaf?If you are a surfer you may well have heard of

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July cooks ups a perfect day

Hot Sunny and great waves,,,

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30/06/2015 Summers here

Some great days in the bay this week lovely surf and weather 3 weeks and the madness kicks off

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23/07/2014 Night and Day….

Theres been some great waves the last few days with warm water and great Sunsets down at the bay…book you lessons quick for August.

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