LEARNING TO SURF in a safe environment during COVID-19

During these extraordinary times we have had to employ some different measures and considerations to enable us to slowly open back up for 2020.

This is certainly not Business as usual but after advice from Gov.UK and Surfing England we have put a plan in place to keep customers and our staff safe.

So what are we doing different and how are we going to operate?

Being a small Surf school we are in a lucky position of having low numbers of students and instructors meaning less people to come in contact with in the first place.  We will have in place sitting areas outside for each household involved in a group lesson to keep social distancing measures and reduce any enclosed space contact.

Equipment will be washed and sterilised using Government guidelines. Wetsuits will be washed using Dettol Solution and Surfboards washed down after every use with Chemgen spray as recommended. Rotation of wetsuits will also be at least 48hrs to ensure plenty of time between customers.

What do you need to do to prepare for the lesson?

We are asking people to be prepared as much as possible, our centre currently has no toilet are so go before you come to us. If you have you own suit please get changed on the beach before coming up thus avoiding congregation with those that haven’t got their own suits. Bring as little as you can to the unit. Safety briefings, meet and greet, equipment issue and changing is done in open air.

We will maintain safe distance between your session and other beach users

A minimum 2m distance will be kept at all times between the instructor and participant

On top of our already existing high standard risk management, all of our staff are trained in new Covid-19 risk management and safe implementation of the most recent government guidelines.

Following Gov.UK guidelines if you are feeling unwell and displaying any Covid-19 symptoms (High temp and Cough especially) please do not attend the lesson for the safety of others.


*Currently as of 24/6/2020 

The ratio guideline is max 5:1 in a group lesson this might change with constant Government updates but at present please keep this in mind when booking a larger family group, If this stays the same bigger family groups will simply be split into two with slightly staggered times.

We are also one of the lucky beaches to have the RNLI LIFEGUARD service up and running through the summer so if you are hiring boards or swimming outside of your lesson you will be safe in the knowledge that you and your family are under the guidance of the lifeguards.

*Currently as of 16/7/2020 

The ratio guidelines has now been changed back to the normal 8:1 in a group